The Game Changer Project (The Mar Thoma Youth Ministry in Mumbai)

The Youth Ministry of the Mumbai Diocese of Mar Thoma Syrian Church began in 2014.

This ministry works towards connecting youth to Christ and helping them become game changers in the way the game of life is played out! Yes, the youth have a mission and we would like to tell the world that a different way of living is possible, based on biblical values and sacramental living!

Our vision is to help make the youth of Mumbai game changers through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Our mission can be summarised in four M’s:

1. MOTIVATE – youth to walk with the Lord Jesus Christ, our saviour.
2. MEDIATE – what the Church and the sacraments mean to the youth, today, and what the youth mean to the Church!
3. MENTOR – by providing resources and guidance in their walk with Christ as they live out their purpose in this high-speed cosmopolitan city!
4. MOBILIZE – the various talents and resources God has bestowed the youth with in order to partner in building the kingdom of God!

Currently, the department with its focus on ministering to the youth of Mumbai starting with Mar Thoma youth, is in its preliminary stage, where research and surveys regarding the need of the youth and the relevant ways to minister to them, are underway. The ‘beta version’ signifies this stage.

Going by the four M’s of this ministry (mentioned above) ,by mid 2015, this ministry will enter phase 1, which aims at connecting youth across the city in building the kingdom of God!

This ministry runs under the leadership of the Mumbai Diocesan Bishop Rt. Rev. Dr. Geevarghese Mar Theodosius, the Diocesan Episcopa, through the youth chaplain and the youth and dedicated children’s ministry team of the Mumbai Diocese.