Our Diocese

The Mumbai Diocese (Western India Zonal Assembly) is one among the 13 Diocese of the Mar Thoma Church and encompasses the states of Maharashtra, Gujarat and Goa in the western region of India and 2 parishes in Muscat (Ruwi and Sohar). The Diocese is divided into 6 Centres – Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Kalyan, Pune, Gujarat & Goa. Presently the various centres in this Diocese account for 59 Parishes, 7 Congregations and 10 Mission Congregations. Rt. Rev. Dr. Euyakim Mar Coorilos Suffragan Metropolitan is the Diocesan Bishop. There are 63 members of the Clergy serving in this Diocese along with 1 retired and a Student Clergy member. 30 Evangelists in various mission fields, with 4 Mission Coordinators, oversee Mission activities along with Missionary Clergy. The Diocesan Bishop is assisted by the Diocesan Assembly and the Diocesan Council for all diocesan administrative activities.

The Church serves as an example of Christ’s taught love for all humanity, in the western region of the country. This region covers an increasingly multilingual, multicultural and pluralistic diaspora. The Mumbai Diocese known as the ‘Missionary Diocese’, has mission activities spread over the states of Maharashtra and Gujarat. The Mumbai Diocese holds high the motto of the Mar Thoma church, ‘Lighted to Lighten’, through the various mission projects taken up by it. In the field of education, the St. Thomas English Medium Schools (STEMS) at Vapi, Surat, Bhuj and Kamshet cater to the needs of building a new hope filled community. The Navjeevan Centre has been providing hope and new life to mothers and children in the Red Light areas of Mumbai, for the last 25 years. The Navjyoti School in Murbad is a source of quality education to children in the surrounding villages. The Navodaya Movement is a project of the Diocese to help the transgender community irrespective of caste, colour or creed. For the first time, a church as a whole has initiated a project supporting the transgender community. The Transgender Reintegration project in Mumbai, which started in 2014, works towards rehabilitating transgenders to integrate them back into mainstream society. This movement has grown and has now expanded to Kerala to support the Transgender community there. The Rehabilitation of Street Children and Rag Pickers and the Home for the Mentally Challenged in Kalyan are projects which work towards the upliftment of dignity of the downtrodden and marginalized.
The Diocese, although young, has been a compatriot in the Lord’s ministry, through its walk in faith. Like the tree planted on the riverside, the ministry is bearing much fruit; ensuring divine love is translated to all of God’s creation.

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