Mar Chrysostom Ashram & Mar Thoma Camp Centre

Situated in the womb of Maval region of Maharashtra, the Mumbai diocese of the Mar Thoma Church provides with the only Camp Centre within the diocese, named, Mar Chrysostom Ashram & Mar Thoma Camp Centre, Kamshet, Pune. With its lush green natural terrain, along with the farm land surrounded, the Mar Thoma Camp CentreKamshet is the most sort after Camp, Conference & Retreat centre in the region, across all Christian denominations. Also, small family get-together at the centres are encouraged.

Mar Chrysostom Study Centre (MCSC)

The MCSC, a wing of the Mar Chrysostom Ashram, Kamshet aims at facilitating academic programmes which equip participants to enrich and educate individuals and communities. MCSC, currently offers various courses in the field of 

1. Mission Studies

This program involves training youngsters from the villages of Maharashtra in a yearlong course to be well versed with the teachings of the Bible. This helps the students equip themselves for the mission and ministry of the Church in the villages around Maharashtra.  

2. Family Life Studies

MCSC offers 

  • Masters of Arts in Family Life Education
  • Masters of Arts in Marriage and Family Counselling

MCSC via its Masters and PG Diploma programmes in Family Life Education, Marriage and Family Counselling prepares leaders for the Church to cater to families and individuals amidst the challenges they face in the current scenario. It encourages students to be a part of the solution via their own learning while supporting their development throughout the student journey. The programmes respect evidence and expertise, and students will be called upon to develop crucial thinking and apply rigour during the course, in keeping with the institution’s quest for excellence in what it delivers.

MCSC offers the Family Life Studies in partnership with UIM- Family Research Training Institute in Bengaluru, founded by pioneers in Family Life Education and Counselling in India. With 2 decades of service, UIM FRTI has valuable experience and expertise in transforming families through churches, corporates and communities.

Mode of learning

A unique multi-disciplinary compressed semester programme where students are required to attend classes for 5 times in 2 years. Students have to attend classes for a week each in the months of August, January and May at MCSC, Kamshet. The online classes will be held mostly on Saturdays from 9 am to 1 pm as per requirement from September to April. It will be planned and intimated much in advance.

Course details:

MA in Family Life Education (FLE)

MA in FLE is designed for candidates seeking careers in family life and community education, and those seeking a more in-depth study of the historical foundations, research and structure of family life education and family systems in general. The course integrates the best practices for theory based programme delivery, management, evaluation and research. It enables learning from acclaimed faculty, gaining new skills and perspectives, and building a career that will sustain one’s passion and excellence into the future.

Areas covered are

  • Faith and Spirituality- survey of Biblical Families
  • Individuals and Families in Societal Context
  • Human Growth and Development
  • Christian Marriage and Family Life
  • Missional Family
  • Family Law and Public Policy
  • Parental Education and Guidance
  • Introduction to Family and Marriage Counselling
  • Family Friendly Church
  • Internal Dynamics
  • Marriage and Marital Relationship
  • Family Resource Management
  • Human Sexuality
  • Professional Ethics
  • Family Life in Community
  • Family Life in major Indian Religions
  • Family Life Methodology

MA in Marriage and Family Counselling (MFC)

MA in MFC focusses on teaching a curative approach for building the basic unit of society. It aims at empowering and nurturing the institution of marriage and family  and strengthening the synergy between these two basic social units. The course is designed to engage in teaching and training skills, therapies, and intereventions through a comprehensive, academic curriculum assimilating both knowlegede as well as application. This is achieved through lectures, workshops, and intensive counselling practicum under trained supervisors and mentors.

Areas covered are:

  • Human Growth and Development
  • Basic Counselling Skills
  • Individual Counsell9ing Skills
  • Marriage and Family Counselli9ng
  • Counselling families with special needs (mental disabilities and mental illness)
  • Professional Ethics in Counselling
  • Theology of Marriage and Family in Counselling
  • Integration of Faith and Psychology
  • Family Life and Spirituality
  • Research Writing
  • Child centered Therapy
  • Counselling families in Crisis and Trauma
  • Project development training
  • Human Sexuality (Theological, physiological and psychological aspects)
  • Counselling families with special needs (Addictions and Chronic Illness)
  • Thanatology (study of death and dying) and Grief Counselling
  • Supervised Classroom Practicum
  • Internship: Supervised Individual/ Marriage counseling practicum
  • Research Work: Thesis/ Development Project/ Work Related Project

Course requirements

  1. Each course comprises of 64 credits.
  2. Mandatory attendance for both offline and online classes.
  3. Completion of class assignments.
  4. A thesis/ project/ working project in the second year.
  5. Seminar requirement: Stipulated number of seminars to be attended and conducted by the student.
  6. Internship


People interested in Family Education and Counselling and having a degree from a recognized university can apply for the courses.

Degrees awarded by


Admissions close by

August 15, 2022

Offline Classes Start

August 22, 2022

Why consider the Masters Courses?

  • Masters degree from MLC University, Shillong
  • Best in class faculty and well researched and acclaimed curriculum from Urban India Ministries- Family Research Training Institute having over 20 years of teaching experience and expertise in transforming families and communities.
  • Flexibility via blended learning approach.
  • Innovative programme combining theory, research and practice.


Fees Structure

MA 2 years fees
MLC University Fees₹ 21,240
UIM FRTI Fees₹ 78,000
MCSC Fees including food and accommodation charges₹ 30,000
Total₹ 1, 29,240

The fees can be paid in 4 instalments over 2 years.

For further details, contact

Mr. Blessen M. Varughese
Course Co-ordinator
Mob: +91 9168800212
email: [email protected]

Inauguration of PG Program at Mar Chrysostom Study Centre

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