Mar Thoma Voluntary Evangelists' Association

Rev. Eapen Abraham
Vice President
Mr. Josekutty Varghese
Lay Vice-President
Mr. Sunny John
Mr. K. S. John

The Mar Thoma Voluntary Evangelists’ Association (MTVEA) serves as an organization in the church that emphasizes on the ministry of the laity in the church. Rt. Rev. Dr. Abraham Mar Thoma founded the organisation in 1924 with the goal that every member of the Mar Thoma church is a missionary. Sadhu Kochukunju Upadesi was the first General Secretary. The parish unit of MTVEA is the Edavaka Mission, which plays an important role in the spiritual regeneration of the parish and executes the church's mission.

The main goal of MTVEA is to testify Jesus Christ in our daily lives and to instil in everyone the awareness that he or she is called to accomplish Jesus Christ's mission, regardless of their profession. MTVEA's primary activities include Intercession, Bible Study, Experience sharing, House visits, Serving the Sick, Witnessing, and Fellowship.

The major programs organized by the MTVEA, Mumbai Diocese includes a three-day conference 'Witness', Lay Leaders Training Programs, Seminars, Mission Field Visits, Lent Meditation program, Supporting Student in Bible school, etc. Jeevamrutham is an upcoming Bible course, initiated by MTVEA , Mumbai Diocese.

The MTVEA - Mumbai Diocese consists of 7 centres namely Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Kalyan, Pune, Gujarat, and Goa. All of the Edavaka Mission's centres and parishes arrange programmes and actively engage in the Diocesan and Parish events, as well as their mission activities.

  • Mumbai Centre: The centre organizes a 6 Months Lay leaders training program conducted by Dharma Jyoti Vidya Peeth Seminary, Faridabad. It also supports Navjeevan, Navodaya, Tribal Students, Bible School students. Organized a mission visit and provided assistance to mission fields. Organized Musical evening Sangeetha Sopanam and Bible Quiz Competition etc.
  • Navi Mumbai Centre: Conducting bible study, Monthly fellowship meeting, visiting the sick and elderly.
  • Kalyan Centre: Conducting night vigil, Bible study, Seminars etc.
  • Pune Centre: The Centre is supporting Chaken and Kalechawadi Mission. The centre also organizes Seminars and Bible studies.
  • Gujarat Centre: The centre supports Ahwa, Chinchli, Pipalpada Missions. Other Activities include Bible study, Mission Field Visits, Lent Meditation, etc.
  • Goa Centre : Conducted Webinars, seminars and Bible study.

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